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This material is soft with no impurities resulting in high cutting speeds without major spoilage in the primary mining and scissors, the surface of this material is easily processed into combed and forged but also smooth by giving particular stimulation of the natural colors of the material. This rock is engraved by the holes on its surface, smaller or larger.


Decorations have a variety of uses and are used in fireplaces, wall coverings, flooring, outdoor or indoor.


It took a lot of time for natural stone businesses to convince architects and builders that they can trust the material, not only in classical applications (linings, flooring, stairs), but also in the manufacture of furniture, artifacts and ornaments. This is why, in the field of artistic processing, it has proved that it can satisfy the strict demands of designers and decorators.


Many designers and manufacturers have returned to stone, for the production of furniture in a modern and classic line.

Combining it, with other materials such as metal, glass or wood, and the result is simple elegance.

Many tables are made with the technique that was used in 1600 year known as Ludovico design like are shown in our photo


Functionality, durability and luxury are combined in one natural rock, so for every stair, that poses this element become not only decorative stones, it becomes an element with great resistance to time, and as the time passes, they become more precious, same like the old antiques, full of energy and memory for centuries.


Water has memory, the body has memory and energy. When the energy of the water comes into contact with natural stone, then the body remembers and gets wet in a very intimate environment In it’s own environment the body remembers it’s origins. In this state the body feels numb.



In recent years, manufacturers as well as architects, choose natural materials for the cladding of buildings due to better aesthetics and durability, and the stone is the best choose, as well as swimming pools since he does not lose his natural shape. The pool (water) with the rock is so familiar to man and the feeling is the embrace of mother earth.


In all countries, for centuries, stone has been and still is, the best choice for paving. The cobble stones on the islands are the living example of the irutilization. A traditional material with thousands of uses.


Indeed, a very romantic material beyond the romantic but also an example of an old culture.

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