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Natural stone is again the protagonist in the building industry and its superiority in strength, maintenance, and even its cost compared to other competitive materials is no doubt indisputable.

In addition, its beauty, its natural colors and its ability to "aesthetically" tie with other materials and decorative elements, are increasingly recognized by the architectural world. The natural stones that were used extensively in architecture in the past have begun to conquer the decorators, architects and builders again and take the place they deserve amongst other building materials.



It took a lot of time for natural stone businesses to convince architects and builders that they can trust the material, not only in classical applications (linings, flooring, stairs), but also in the manufacture of furniture, artifacts and ornaments. This is why, in the field of artistic processing, it has proved that it can satisfy the strict demands of designers and decorators.

“We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us “

Each artist requires the material he uses not to betray his taste, imagination and aesthetic stimuli, but instead to show his visual proposal with intensity and realism. Natural stone has this ability many designers and builders recognize this who have never been betrayed by this material in an application.

In addition, the parallel evolution of technology in mining, cutting, machining, finishing has played a decisive role in the search of the material, since manufacturers now have all what is necessary to implement an architectural proposal unrealized in other times.

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